July 9, 2020

Hi, family and friends who are wondering about my surgery that’s supposed to be on Monday. Well, it’s kinda funny … Welcome to Reschedule #6

I received a phone call from a Dr. Wood on Monday of this week saying my surgeon had to take emergency leave and was going to be out of the office until at least the end of July.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Seriously?”

Dr. Wood said I had a couple of options … 1) I could wait until my surgeon returned … um no, what else? Or 2) Since she is his partner and does the same surgeries, she would be happy to have me on her caseload … oh, so yes.

She said a hold up in scheduling would be the whole “robot-assisted” thing the insurance authorization included. There are not many openings in the schedule for that. I din’t care if they used chopsticks if it got me scheduled sooner.

Dr. Wood went on to explain that it was probably a good thing I had not been in for this surgery yet, since they are now discovering that people who have had even light cases of COVID and have surgery while still testing positive, even though they are not symptomatic have not had good outcomes. Meaning, she explained, there have been deaths.

Ok, then! Given that, and the fact that my “#2” choice of a doctor earned her BS at a college in Ireland, and her MS and MD at YALE, I figure things might work out after all;

I still don’t have a new date for the surgery, but we’re hoping it can be in the next two to three weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

And thank you so much for the continued good thoughts and prayers! Jane

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