Having Parkinson’s Sucks, but Life Doesn’t Have To

Having Parkinson’s sucks, but life doesn’t have to. 

It will, mind you. Life will most definitely suck. You will be plunged into the deepest pits, from which, you will fear, escape is impossible. You will endure the most dreadful physical pain that, you will fear, will never end. You will suffer the scars, inside and out, that, you will fear, will never fade.

I know these to be true. I have also learned that while the immediate white-hot pain fades, it leaves behind reminders. Shadows that lurk inside darkened corners. Memories triggered by seemingly innocuous events, a careless phrase, the scent of the ocean, the glimpse of a sailboat.  

And I realize that even though I am a helper by nature, I cannot always help myself. So I keep busy, not necessarily happy, but busy. Many people think busy equals happy, but don’t conflate the two. They are different.

Busy just takes my mind off the dark places – a temporary occupation, not a real cure.                      

But busy I have been. Boxing three times a week. Dancing a few times a week. Volunteering at PRO. Training my puppy. Being active in my sorority alumnae chapter.

And I have added another … I am organizing the First Annual Hike for PD – “Hiking Sisters and Misters.” If you have not seen us on FB, climb out from under the rock, and go to the page “Hiking4PD.”

My goal is to make this an annual fund-raising hike, and move it around the state. To that end I have taken the next step and bought the domain, “Hiking4PD.com”

I am very excited about this, and committed to this endeavor. Working to raise awareness that we – Hiking Sisters and Misters, and Hiking4PD – even exist, crafting a 6-point belief statement, contacting potential sponsors.

Yes. I am very busy. And sometimes I am happy. And that does not suck.


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