A Small Moment of Grace

I don’t know who, if anyone can or will understand how important this one small thing is. I did not know how important it would be. But you know how you grow up wanting to be able to do something, but you never really could. You never had the talent to do it. Oh, sure,... Continue Reading →

Not the Last Blog

I post this blog entry for reasons I don’t quite know how to explain. Certainly not to say, “Oh, woe is me.” But here’s the thing about “hidden” diseases or conditions. No one sees them. If I didn’t write these truths and share them with people beyond the Parkinson’s world, no one would know the... Continue Reading →

It’s Love

This time of year is really difficult for me. Until the winter of 2016, though, it was the happiest for me. I love Thanksgiving, the build up and preparation for Christmas, the promise of a new year. 2016, though, brought pain, loss, and doubt. But today I am choosing not to make this day one... Continue Reading →

Back on The Water

30 September 2020 In many ways, I am so very lucky. Alongside an incredible litany of things gone wrong,there have been gifts that humble me and make me appreciate just about every day. (smile) I was given a such a gift four years ago by my partner who wanted to sail and brought me along... Continue Reading →

The Stories that Must Be Told

August 12, 2020 As a writer, I am often asked … wait, let me walk that back a little. I am not “often asked” anything. My audience is not that large, my readership confined to friends and those in a similar boat (both literal and figurative). And that’s just fine with me. My topics are... Continue Reading →


July 12, 2020 I’ve been stuck. Wordless, I have been unable to escape the present. Find the future. Remember the past. My mind wanders from room to room, carried by legs a little confused as to why they are there. The days blend together, beyond boredom, through a fog of ennui, “of course, they blend... Continue Reading →


July 9, 2020 Hi, family and friends who are wondering about my surgery that’s supposed to be on Monday. Well, it’s kinda funny … Welcome to Reschedule #6 I received a phone call from a Dr. Wood on Monday of this week saying my surgeon had to take emergency leave and was going to be... Continue Reading →

The Elk

July 2, 2020 Why? Why would “protesters” burn down an elk statue in downtown Portland? On a beautiful little circle in the middle of grass parkway this glorious elk has stood. A sentinel of honor and beauty in an ever-changing world. This statue has meant more to me than anyone knows. I was a mock... Continue Reading →


I am always awake at 4:00 am. It must be my witching hour, or the hour I was born, or perhaps, will die. Something tugs me awake at this time and I am most often grateful when I heed the call. There is a time before dawn when the sky plays tricks on us, making... Continue Reading →


I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. It happened so quickly. Last Tuesday I had to be at OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing to take the COVID-19 test. It’s required right before surgery and I was told they were pretty busy so it was best to arrive early. 6:30am was early enough; I was finished... Continue Reading →

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