Back on The Water

30 September 2020 In many ways, I am so very lucky. Alongside an incredible litany of things gone wrong,there have been gifts that humble me and make me appreciate just about every day. (smile) I was given a such a gift four years ago by my partner who wanted to sail and brought me along... Continue Reading →

The Stories that Must Be Told

August 12, 2020 As a writer, I am often asked … wait, let me walk that back a little. I am not “often asked” anything. My audience is not that large, my readership confined to friends and those in a similar boat (both literal and figurative). And that’s just fine with me. My topics are... Continue Reading →


July 12, 2020 I’ve been stuck. Wordless, I have been unable to escape the present. Find the future. Remember the past. My mind wanders from room to room, carried by legs a little confused as to why they are there. The days blend together, beyond boredom, through a fog of ennui, “of course, they blend... Continue Reading →


July 9, 2020 Hi, family and friends who are wondering about my surgery that’s supposed to be on Monday. Well, it’s kinda funny … Welcome to Reschedule #6 I received a phone call from a Dr. Wood on Monday of this week saying my surgeon had to take emergency leave and was going to be... Continue Reading →

The Elk

July 2, 2020 Why? Why would “protesters” burn down an elk statue in downtown Portland? On a beautiful little circle in the middle of grass parkway this glorious elk has stood. A sentinel of honor and beauty in an ever-changing world. This statue has meant more to me than anyone knows. I was a mock... Continue Reading →


I am always awake at 4:00 am. It must be my witching hour, or the hour I was born, or perhaps, will die. Something tugs me awake at this time and I am most often grateful when I heed the call. There is a time before dawn when the sky plays tricks on us, making... Continue Reading →


I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. It happened so quickly. Last Tuesday I had to be at OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing to take the COVID-19 test. It’s required right before surgery and I was told they were pretty busy so it was best to arrive early. 6:30am was early enough; I was finished... Continue Reading →

To Keep from Disappearing

I have been trying hard not to disappear. To find a purpose in life during these times when I could just fade away, quietly step back, and few would notice or miss me for quite a long while. I have always been a helper, a communicator, an organizer, a leader. But I am also tired,... Continue Reading →

Beyond Words

I am beyond words. For a writer and a teacher, that’s a strange place to be. I started writing a blow-by-blow description of my retinology appointment today, but I can’t. Just know that at the time it was happening, I managed to make it to the elevator before completely falling apart. Dr. Lin is beside... Continue Reading →


Just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Or true. I used to believe I was lucky. When I was a child, I was often hurt. I bruised easily, fell frequently, took more than my share of tumbles. But every time I got back up, I thought, “Whew, that could have... Continue Reading →

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